Is Placenta Encapsulation Legal?

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I get asked this question frequently from people curious about what I do or those interested in having their placentas encapsulated. This link is a Google document listing the laws of placenta release by state.  The list is from 2010 however, so if you don’t live in Texas, it would be best to contact someone from your own state.  The good news is that in Texas, as of January 1st, 2016, the release of placentas from hospitals and birth centers became our legal right.  See news story here or copy of the law here.

This exciting news for Texas women everywhere as previously, the release of placentas was based on individual hospital policy.  Some hospitals allowed release by just signing a release form absolving them of liability.  Others required it to be released only to a funeral home.  Funeral homes in the DFW area were charging anywhere from $60-300 for the release.  Still other hospitals were requiring a court order for the release of a woman’s placenta.  Some women were still denied their placentas with court order in hand.