Where do we encapsulate?

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Private Placenta Kitchen


One of the other big questions that I get is where do we encapsulate.  Some placenta specialists only encapsulate in clients’ homes.  Some of the training organizations teach that it is illegal or unsafe to do it anywhere else.  However, the laws that they refer to are actually referencing transportation of organs for transplants.

Many do it in their own homes, which it what I did for the first three years that I encapsulated. This enables encapsulators to have more control over the placenta.  We don’t have to wait for you to come home from the hospital to allow us into your home.  This means that we can get it done many times before you even leave the hospital. This allows us to keep an eye on it while it dehydrates.  If you have a power outage or some well meaning helper unplug the dehydrator, your placenta could be ruined before we get back to your home.  It also allows us to encapsulate at hours that you would not want company in your home.  I have been know to start a placenta at 11pm after picking up from your preferred birth location.  Some clients prefer for their families not to see the process because they are not sure how their family will react or are afraid that they will be unsupportive.

Wherever the placenta is processed, it should be handled according to food safety standards and OSHA standards for blood borne pathogens.  If you have had a long labor and/or hospital stay, your kitchen may need extra cleaning to make that possible.  Some clients worry that since if it is in the encapsulator’s home, they can’t see if it is done away from food, children, pets, etc.

We are excited to announce that as of last January, we have moved to encapsulating in a private kitchen area inside the office of our parent company Comforts of Home Midwifery.  

This allows you to have peace of mind over the location.  No food, children, or pets will come in contact with your placenta.  This area is maintained according to food safety and OSHA’s blood borne pathogen safety standards.  So call us today to book your encapsulation. 361-790-3077