Services Offered

I service Denton, TX and a 75 mile radius.  I will go up to an extra 75 miles for an additional gas surcharge.  I provide pickup of the placenta and delivery of the finished product within that service area.

Raw Encapsulated:

Gently rinsed and sliced into paper thin slices the placenta is dried in a dehydrator for many hours, ground into a fine powder and put into individual capsules. Capsules can be frozen and last for many years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Capsules:

The placenta is gently rinsed, and steamed with or without herbs and prepared in the same respectful manner as the raw process. The TCM method is said to bring a warmth back to the mother.


A variety of flavored capsule options are available if you pre-order.


Placenta Tincture:

A small piece of the placenta is selected and added to a high grade, distilled alcohol and left for many weeks to macerate. This process elongates the life and benefits of the placenta for mother and child. Can be used as a homeopathic through times of transition, trauma, menses and menopause.



Placenta Prints:

A beautiful keepsake to be framed or tucked away with the story of your birth.


Cord Keepsakes:

You may opt to have part of the cord fashioned into a keepsake such as a heart or have it encapsulated along with the placenta.


Please contact me for more information. Contracts and payments can be either mailed or emailed with payment made below.


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